13 March 2017

10 February 2017

6m ukac 09.02.2017

Some QSO's last night

20 December 2016

Building nanoKeyer...

After some research found nice little thing called nanoKeyer...

This is arduino based winkeyer. Parts received and enclose...Fun begins :) 

All info can be found here: https://nanokeyer.wordpress.com/
My son involved as well :)

2 December 2016

MixW and Flex-3000 CW&Digi modes all setup in pictures

Finally managed to get working CW and digi modes in MixW and Powersdr with my flex-3000.

4 November 2016

3 November 2016

TS-590S audio hiss/noise

With high impedance earphones plugged into the audio jack on the Kenwood TS-590S, you can hear a really annoying noise even with the AF volume set to zero. This audio hiss has a constant level, is added to the audible RF noise and can prevent one from hearing weak CW signals on an otherwise quiet band.
A simple quick-and-dirty solution is a resistor in series to the audio output. With this little modification the audio hiss becomes inaudible, while all radio signals are loud and clear. Depending on the resistor value, you have to increase the AF volume more or less. With the 1 kΩ resistor shown below, you have to increase to AF volume a lot. Clipping or other kinds of audio distortion may occur. Resistors with a value of 300 to 600 Ω are adequate. I personally have put in a 330 Ω resistor.
Another simple solution is the usage of a very low impedance headphone, where the impedance has to be close to 8 Ω.

29 October 2016

The nanoKeyer is an Arduino Nano based CW Contest Keyer.

Key Features (K3NG Firmware):
  • CW speed adjustable from 1 to 999 WPM
  • K1EL Winkeyer interface protocol emulation
  • Supported by major logging apps (e.g. N1MM, HRD, etc. in K1EL Winkeyer mode via USB port)
  • SO2R compatible through K1EL Winkeyer 2 protocol emulation
  • Command mode for using the paddle to change settings, program memories, etc.
  • PS2 Keyboard Interface for CW keyboard operation without a computer
  • PTT with configurable lead, tail, and hang times
  • Up to 12 memories with macro and serial number support
  • QRSS and HSCW
  • Iambic A and B, Ultimatic and Bug mode
  • Farnsworth Timing, Autospace and Wordspace Adjustment
  • Keying Compensation, Dah to Dit Ratio, Weighting adjustment
  • Non-volatile storage of most settings
  • and much much more….

$10 Computer Headset on Kenwood TS-590s

LY3H CW decoding software

Speed 5 – 60 WPM
Auto tracking CW signal in 3 KHz range or manually select the station.
Auto speed detection in few msecs.
“Tips” feature. If mouse moved on unknown word, tip popups with annotation about this word.
Also familiar words are separated.
For advanced user: In install directory there is a “tips.ini” file.
User can translate content or add new tips if wanted using following format:
This is free software for my friends (HAM)
73! de LY3H

Arduino Mega2560 based Antenna Rotator Controller

Arduino Mega2560 based Antenna Rotator Controller


FBK portable mini tuner by PA0FBK

Tunes symmetric/coax/longwire antenna's between 1.8-50MHz

QRP HF/VHF/UHF mobile antenna

QRP HF/VHF/UHF mobile antenna from M0ZPK

A £10 QRP Portable Multiband Antenna for HF, VHF and UHF

The Wonder Whip?
A £10 QRP Portable Multiband Antenna for HF, VHF and UHF
A variation on the “Miracle Whip” and “Wander Wand”.

Loop antennas

Another good source how to build easy your own loop antenna!


Interesting and alternative winkeyer option!!!

The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna